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A wine and travel writer, influencer, and events & communications consultant based in Chicago, Kristy spent 20-years in public relations and marketing before combining her communications skills with her passion and expertise for wine, travel and culture. She is a published author with numerous digital publications including Winetraveler, Wine Tourist Magazine, and the Finger Lakes Wine Country as well as for her own blog of eight years.

A Snapshot of France: Roussillion

The Languedoc-Roussillon region is France’s largest wine producing region and vineyard area, with roughly one-third of all French wines produced here, including 11% of the world’s rosé wine production. We previously broke down the Languedoc area of this region, now let’s take a brief look at its sister region, Roussillon. Who Culturally and geographically distinct from Languedoc, Roussillon is home to over 2,500 producers, 29 co-ops and 345 private winemakers. It was first planted to vine by the Greeks in [...]

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Flyover: Portugal

Wines from Portugal are making wine lists and magazine covers as of late, but how much do you know about this European nation and its winemaking history? Most of us can likely name some of the top producing regions in neighboring Spain, and certainly in nearby France, but how many regions outside of Porto can you name in Portugal? Let’s take a brief birds’ eye look at this 350-mile long country on the southwestern coast of Europe. Who Throughout much [...]

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