The Level 2 online course is a 5-week program. An online tutor guides the WSET online classroom. As of Aug 1st, this course is no longer offered online. Instead, WSET offers Level 2 Wine and Level 2 Spirits in two separate courses. The American Wine School offers both classes and you can register for online wine here and online spirits here.

Starting Aug 1, 2019, WSET will retire Level 2 Wine & Spirits. The class below is our last online course for this qualification. Moving forward, this course will be replaced with the new WSET Level 2 Wine course.

WSET Online Distance Learning Course Dates:

Course Code                 Registration Deadline                    Class Dates                       Exam Date              Exam Chicago Location

02W1915                          June 21st, 2019             July 6th – Aug 9th, 2019                    Aug 17th at 5pm                            Sofitel, 20 E. Chestnut