I am in Napa Valley right now attending the Master of Wine seminars and want to share a few new found finds. First, if you are considering a trip to Napa Valley, consider staying in Yountville. The town is cute as a button and the Villagio Inn rocks. Rooms are moderately priced, the pianist in the lobby (Frederick Nighthawk) is awesome and multiple restaurants are located right across the street including Ad Hock, Redd, Bistro Jeanty, Bouchon and more. Best part. You park your car at the hotel and all restaurants are just a hop, skip and jump away. Secondly, today I am sipping a Pinot Blanc poured from a half bottle produced by Robert Sinskey Winery. It is fantastic. Even cooler than the crisp white in my glass is the cool glass topper that seals the bottle. Plus, I toured the winery, saw the bottling and tasted a newly package rose or vin gris that was – without a question – yummy. Oh, did I tell you the part about Rob & Maria Sinskey being so cool that they took me down into their cellar and showed me the disco ball in the middle of the cellar? I gotta get one for Cellar Door. Maybe next week. More to follow.