Making Rose

Just when rose wine hit its stride, the European Union is set to make a move that could bring the quality levels tumbling down. Get this. A group of “experts” have decided that it is OK to permit European winemakers to make rose by blending red wine with white wine instead of traditional production methods. Are they crazy? Traditional rose production happens in two ways; 1) leave the juice in contact with the skins for a few hours and then press like white wine or 2) bleed off some pink juice from red wine production. While the former shows dedication to making quality rose, both result in quality wine. It is a fact that many New World winemakers blend wines to craft a rose, but when was the last time you raved about a rose from South Africa? Me – never. Ask about the latest rose from France, Italy, and Spain and I can give you a list. Sure rose is inexpensive, quaffable and festive – but for my money it must be held to the same quality standards as white and red wines.