Last night, I sipped a glass of Pinot Grigio at the bar of Moxie while munching on an appetizer of grilled shrimp with grit-cakes and watching the Cavs beat the Hawks on the tele. About halfway thru the game (and my dinner,) I realized that I had no idea whose wine I was drinking. Better yet – I did not care. At the end of the day, I have a habit (good or bad) of ignoring wine lists and simply nodding to the bartender and asking for a  glass of Pinot Grigio. For me, Pinot Grigio is a simple wine that washes down food. Sure a good quality rose can do the same trick, but for the most part I rely on Pinot Grigio. With so much chatter about vintages and age-worthiness, sipping a Pinot Grigio is a welcomed relief. A simple pleasure. Why? You never hear anyone discussing the merits of Pinot Grigio or boasting stories about how much Pinot Grigio they have in their cellar.  It is a quaffing wine. No more no less. And while some producers such Lenotti, Santi, and Filadonna make noteworthy examples that offer more than just lemony flavor, the name on the label has little value. For Pinot Grigio is a working-class wine. Much needed, underappreciated and a great quaffer by the glass, Pinot Grigio gets the job done.