Open any wine magazine these days and you will be sure to find an article on the economy. Just yesterday, I received a “wine alert” that, while US wine sales were up by 1% in 2008, last year marked the slowest growth in the past decade. Seems the industry grew by 4% in 2007. Further, the sales of lower priced wines are positioned to soar in 2009 leaving high-end wines in the dust. And if the media keeps spreading the news that we are buying cheaper wines….we probably will. But is it really chic to be cheap? I say no. Instead, take advantage of the fact that we may be eating at home more nights a week than 2008 by upping the quality of the wine you sip. Afterall, opening a bottle of high-end wine at home is way more economical that uncorking the same bottle at a restaurant. Best bet, continue to support the industry at all price points and cheap out on something else….Cheers.