In response to the day’s snowfall, we ordered in lunch from Moxie located just four doors away; partly because it is too cold to venture out and partly because Jonathan Bennett has revamped a school lunch favorite that reeks of those precious snow days – grilled cheese & tomato soup. While this version is all grown up, (think fresh mozzarella with sundried tomato and pesto) the fact that we sated our palates in a school (wine not whine) brings back fond food memories. It also creates an interesting wine pairing. Simple comfort food is often too light for wintery reds with any body. So, I decided to pull the cork on a Chablis, an unoaked Chardonnay from France. A good choice as it turns out. While the body of the wine offered a great match for the weight of the food, the pesto and sundrenched tomato paired nicely with the high acidity and herbal steeliness of the wine. The same could be said for a Pinot Gris from Oregon and a Pinot Blanc from Alsace. So while most wine lovers turn to the comfort of reds during the chilly months, try warming up to weightier whites this winter.