In just 12 days, summer’s sippin’ season will officially open and, for those of us living on the country’s north coast, that is reason enough to raise a glass. Heavily marked by outdoor activities such as patio parties, backyard BBQs and poolside gatherings, the first day of summer (June 21) also happens to fall on Father’s Day offering yet another reason to celebrate with friends and family. While we all enjoy sharing fine wine, hosting large gatherings can make it financially impossible to do so. Instead, we reach for “crowd-pleaser” wines. So what exactly IS a crowd-pleaser wine? They are the wines that can 1) easily be purchased by the case, 2) offer a yummy, refreshing beverage, and 3) appeal to both notive and wine aficionados in the group. 

What they are not: Crowd-pleaser wines are not the topic of conversation. They are not collector labels. They are not designed for longterm aging. These wines are not to be compared to cellar-worthy wines in terms of complexity, but instead should offer quality within their category. Crowd-pleasers are not Johnny one-note wines. They may be inexpensive, but they are never cheap wines.

Crowd-pleaser Wines  are the no-brainer wines. The quaffing wines. The summertime sippin’ wines designed to wash down food, beat the summer heat and please the palate with each freshing sip. They are fantastic value wines that offer good quality for everyday drinking. One of my favorite categories of wine – here are a few I have enjoyed so far this season:

Chivite Gran Feudo Rose$11, Raimat Tempranillo $10, Cristalino Cava $10, Poema Cava $10, Miguel Torres Santa Digna Rose $11, Terra Andina Chardonnay $10, Martorana Nero D’Avola $15, Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Village $14, J.Lohr Wildflower $11, Skouras Zoe Rose $13, Don Gallo Prosecco $14, Marquis de Glida Brut Cava $17, Paso a Paso Verdejo $10, Juan Gil, Jumilla $17, Michael Pozzan Cabernet Sauvignon $16,DeMartino Carmenere $15, Labrisas Rueda $11, Casal Garcia Vinho Verde $8 to name a few. More to come….Cheers.