Last night, more than 60 members of Cleveland Wine School’s Vine-ology Club attended a sneak preview of the new wine movie, Bottle Shock. The film is based on a true story from the 70’s in which wine writer/shop owner Steve Spurrier organizes a blind tasting of top French wines and not-so-famous California wines. The results placed California on the vinous map causing palates around the globe to take note. The film is playing at Cedar Lee theatre in Cleveland Hts. Before the preview, a few members of the group met at a newish Turkish restaurant down the street called Anatolia Cafe. As a side note, this place rocks! The food is great and the wine list offers something for everyone. It is definately worth the visit – which is more than I can say about the movie! While the film offers beautiful shots of Napa Valley – it lacks any sort of interesting dialogue. The plot is great, the actors are good, the setting is beautiful….but the dialogue and story prgression miss the boat completely. Too bad – I really wanted to like it. Not sure how the rest of the group felt about the film but I was very dissapointed. While Chateau Montelena was well represented, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars was not part of the film. Not sure how that happened as they played and important role in the original Paris Judgement of 1976 – the historic tasting at the heart of Bottle Shock. If you see the film, let me know what you think at