From time to time, I am reminded why ordering wine in a restaurant by the glass is sometimes better than by the bottle. Last night was one of those times.  I met a few friends at Fire (Shaker Square on the eastside) for dinner and  – as usual – we looked at the wine list before the menu. Having decided on a bottle of Pinot Noir from Oregon (Joseph Drouhin), we moved on to the menu. Here’s where the reminder comes in – even though I knew that the pairing would not work, I wanted (and ordered) mussels in a white wine/butter sauce. I was right, the Pinot Noir simply did not work with the dish. Instead, I should have resisted the peer pressure from the table and tried a crisp glass of St. Veran or any Sauvignon Blanc by the glass.  Although it is rare to encounter a food and wine pairing disaster, a poor pairing can distract from the experience.  Chef Doug Katz serves up great mussels worthy of a great pairing. Lesson learned.