Taveling in Florence and Tucany has taught me many things: you need advance reservations to see the real David, you need to wear a good pair of walking shoes, and you need a cold wine to take the edge off the Tuscan sun. When I think of the areas surrounding Tuscany, I think of yummy regional reds such as Chianti, Brunello and Vino Nobile, yet the summer temperatures can be high and the days are long….me thinks I would rather order a white. And order I did. Refreshing Prosecco with low alcohol and lots of festive bubbles, Galestro with biting acidity and mineral notes and Vernacchia with a fantastic bitter edge. Sipping in Tuscany does not limit one to the wines of the region as plenty of sparklers from Lombardy such as Montenisa Saten Franciacorta pop up on menus all over town and are worth a taste. While no one can deny that robust reds such as Antinori’s Guado Al Tasso from Bolgheri DOC or Tigananello Toscana IGT are stellar wines worthy of their Super Tuscan status, I suggest everyone take a second look at Italian whites as summer settles in….my advice: don’t worry about ratings, don’t ponder labels, simply buy a bottle of white vino, chill it, drink it, and enjoy. Salute.