It’s official. The amount of Champagne being exported is up by 8% over last year. This is good news for the growers, producers and lovers of bubbles around the world. Being of the latter group, I can confidently say that the only thing better than bubbles is well – more bubbles. While I might be stating the obvious here, it is important to know that only sparkling wine from Champagne is allowed to be called Champagne. In Spain, the bubbles are called Cava. In Italy, the term is Spumante and in the USA, we label our bubbles Sparkling Wine. All are good and worth a try. I am working on a few sparkling wine cocktails including a Margarita Punch topped off with Prosecco and a Cava Sangria featuring Tempranillo and bubbles from Spain.  If you are interested in the recipes – let me know. Cheers.