The wine loving community in Cleveland is small but growing. As a result, wine festivals keep poping up each and every year. In August, Vintage Ohio serves up Ohio-crafted wines to a sell out crowd, last month the second annual Cleveland Wine Festival rallied a few thousand people to share a glass under sunny skies and in November the Fabulous Food Show will return to the IX Center with a moderate spread of wines to sample (yes, the Cleveland Wine School is coordinating the wine education portion of the show) for more than 7,500 wine-savvy patrons.  Add to this the various wine-related charity benefits such as the WVIZ’s annual World Series of Wine at the Jake and one might say that when it comes to wine events, Cleveland rocks! For those of us who love wine and, better yet, love to share wine with friends who feel the same – this is all good news. The best way to learn about wine is to go to these events, taste the wine, talk to the experts on hand and share your thoughts and opinions with other wine sippers. Unlike the high tech, robotic wine dispensers you may have read about, sampling wine with a crowd offers multiple opportunities to chat about your wine discoveries and learn from those around you. The best nights at our tasting center (Cellar Door)are when opinionated tasters sit and sip side-by-side. Eventually, the vinous duo will hit on a wine that starts a debate or interesting discussion.  Aaaah. This my friends is why I never drink wine alone.