While officially not a wine geek, I love turning people who are new to wine on to wine makes me happy  – turning people who already know wine on to a new wine experience is priceless. Take the Pinot Gris vis Pinot Grigio taste test for example. Name games aside, tasting these two wines side-by-side is a great learning experience and sets the stage for understanding the structure of the grape. If you have not tried it, invite some friends over and before dinner taste the wines together. In Cellar Door, we pour Lagaria Pinot Grigio from northeastern Italy next to a Schlumberger Pinot Gris. Since the grape is famous for dropping acidity in the vineyard, Italian vintners tend to pick Pinot Grigio early resulting in a wine that is light in body and high in acidity. In Alsace France, this same grape hangs on the vine longer and picks up more bodied and aroma. Time and time again, this taste test brings smiles of “now I get it” to the faces of our guests. The reward behind simple educational bites such as the Gris vs Grigio is what makes wine so darn interesting and ever-changing. I am always looking for cool tasting experiences – so let me know if you have one that you savour.