It’s October and the pumpkins are starting to roll out in mass. I must admit that this is my favorite month of the year. The leaves are turning, the weather is crisp and the food moves from lightly grilled to savory and slow cooked. In terms of wine, that mean beefier examples such a Zins, Syrah, Bordeaux, Rhone, Shiraz for reds and blended whites or concentrated varieties such as Pinot Gris from Alsace and Spatlese Riesling from Germany that have the extra body required to stand up to the season’s spice. But before we get to the daddy of all dinners (Thanksgiving) let’s not overlook the festive and goulish night that brings out the kid in all of us, Halloween. Today, I decided to make it my mission to find the ultimate wines to pair with Holloween cuisine. Think candy corn, popcorn balls, carmel apples and Snickers bars. If you are hosting an adult Halloween party, what wines would you pair with this traditional cuisine? Only one way to find out – uncork the bottles on some “scary” wines, break open a bag of candy corn and give it a go. And that is just what we are going to do this month at Cellar Door. If you are interested, let me know and we will send you a personal invite with all of the details. No costume required.