Yes, I am still on my rose kick and sampling the pink stuff anywhere I can get my hands on it. This weekend I had a great rose-tinted experience when I visited Bobby Flay’s Bar American in NYC. In addition to an interesting menu, the restaurant features a well-constructed wine list crafted by longtime sommelier Adam Reager. Luckily, this summer he has assembled a wonderful display of rose from around the globe. From where I sat, an elegant silver bowl filled with nothing but chilled bottles of lovely pink wine immediately caught my eye. The by-the-glass menu grouped 6-7 rose wines all together regardless of variety or country of origin. Best part, the rose wines are all one price ($10) making it easy for their customers to choose. I selected a fun bottle from the Basque region of France. A specialty of the region, the wine has a little bit of spritz in the bottle. The bottle is tapped with a special aerator to encourage the bubbles to come to the surface as the wine hits the glass. Great presentation (i.e. you will see this in Cellar Door soon!) making rose even cooler than it was before. Summer is not over – I repeat – summer is NOT over.