OK. So the Cavs are down by two and playing at the Q tonight. Streets are filling up with hopeful fans. From my office in the Caxton Building downtown, I can hear the noise and excitement build as I post this note. So, I just did what any natural wine geek would do – I went to my office cooler and pulled out a half bottle of rose from Domaines Ott. A true example of a rose from the the Cote de Provence, the wine is light in body and pale peachy orange in hue. Best of all, it is sold in these really cool 375ml bottles that are shaped like an old bottle from my grandmothers perfume collection. Honestly, it feels like an imported beer in your hand – so much so that I decided to leave the Schott Zwiesel tasting glass in the kitchen and sip this fashionable quaffer like a brew. Call it my personal tribute to the wine and gold. Rise Up Cavs!