Labor Day is over and the Cleveland Browns are ready to rumble. While the entire issue of dogs and lifestyle choices (a.k.a Vick) are at the top of everyone’s mind – in terms of wine, dogs are generally honored and revered. Spend a few minutes at a winery and soon you will hear the rustling of a wonderful vineyard dog chasing a bug just a few rows over. Vineyard dogs are so prized that a great book, Vineyard Dogs, has been published on the subject.  While I rarely drink wine during a Brown’s game, (yes, normally beer is in the glass) I think this year I will make an effort to support man’s best friend and sip a dog- related wine during the game this Sunday. Perhaps a Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or a Chateau La Paws, Cote du Bone from California will do the trick. Whether you are interested in a doggie drink from California, a  good old bottle of Mad Dog 2020, or a perfectly chilled Leg Humper Brew, as Brown’s fans let’s raise a glass to the dog pound and to the spirited fans who love dogs for pets and not as sacrifical entertainment.