When I lived in New York City, I passed a friendly man working the same corner every morning on my way to the subway. Each morning he would smile, shake a paper cup full of change, and ask “What’s the best city?” To which he would respond, “generosity.” If that did not drum up enough change, he would quickly follow up with “And what’s the best nation?” You guessed it, “donation.” I often think of this only-in-NYC-scene when I give a donation of gift certificates or host a wine tasting for charity.  Wine related items seems to drum up alot of attention at charity auctions and raffles these days. In fact, last week a Wine Consultant at Cellar Door won a wine prize during a blogger’s raffle for a national hunger organization. She bought three $10 virtual tickets on-line and dropped them in the bucket to win a chance to sip wine with Gary Vaynerchuk from the now famous Wine Library in New Jersey. Guess what? She won. Not only will she be sipping wines with Gary and friends, it will all take place in the comfort of her own home and Gary is supplying the wine! How cool is that? Very. Just ask her! It pays to be generous and nothing brings more enjoyment than a unique food & wine experience. Toss in the virtual component – she did not have to attend a black-tie, rubber chicken dinner – and it is good for everyone. We gotta get a food & wine on-line raffle going in Cleveland. Generosity is a cool city.