It is no secret that I am a huge lover of rose wines. In fact, I typically stretch the often touted “rose season” from Thanksgiving to September leaving October as my only solid red wine month of the year. In our Cellar Door tasting room, I get more questions and comments about rose than anyother wine style including “Aren’t all rose wine’s sweet?” For this reason, I have developed solid calendar notes for keeping it pink each month.

1. November: Rose pairs well with just about any food including Aunt Betty’s overly sweet yam dish.

2. December: Rose looks great on a holiday table.

3. January: Rose bubbles ring in the New Year like no other.

4. February: Rose’s lovely color is a perfect match for Valentine’s Day.

5. March: Rose is the new green.

6. April: Herb-crusted spring lamb and rose – need I say more?

7. May: A sign of summer, bring on the rose. This past weekend I sipped nothing but rose with my friends. Weekend favorites included: Gran Feudo from Spain, Lenotti Chiaretto Bardolino from Italy, Miguel Torres Santa Digna From Chile, Zoe from Greece, Chateau Campuget from France and Schramsberg Mirabella rose from California.

8. June: Nothing makes you feel like you are on vacation like a glass of rose sipped in your backyard on a warm summer day around 11:30am.

9. July: Pink sparkling wine on the 4th makes an excellent partner for grilled sausages.

10. August: Chilly, yummy and refreshing, rose wines are value wines making them the perfect choice for large backyard gatherings.

11. September: One last sip of the season before celebrating fall. Try pairing up Gazpacho with a Rose from Spain.