This Fourth of July weekend I found myself happily sipping wine in my hometown of Fairborn, Ohio with a few of my high school friends. While many wine offerings were up for grabs, the hit of the night was a blended wine from California called Crossfire from JanKris winery. A red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot, my former classmates found the wine to be smooth on the palate and easy to enjoy. What a great decription for a holiday wine!

Meanwhile, my husband and I were sipping a classic Bordeaux apperitif called Lillet. This sweet-styled “vermouth” is THE pre-dinner drink for members of the Bordeaux-savvy sippers in southwest France. For us, we like it on the rocks with a slice of orange and perhaps a dash of soda. Perfectly refreshing – as I have said before!

For those interested in non-vinous beverages, an assortment of beer was the perfect choice for picnic fare. In fact later that night while sitting around a firepit, I enjoyed an “alternative fermentation” myself. Afterall, sometimes on a hot summer night, under the stars, around a firepit, with old friends, all you need is a good Miller-lite.  Ah the joys of summer. Cheers.