Ohio Authority Spain Photohttp://www.ohioauthority.com/articles/food-and-drink/at-cellar-door-exploring-spanish-wines

A few months ago, I was approached by a former WSET student about a new on-line magazine he and a few of his past co-workers were creating after their employer, Northern Ohio Live, closed its doors. A testament to the adage – hard work pays off – the site is up, running and catching the eyes, ears and keyboards of thousands of viewers across the state of Ohio. Cheers to Ivan and the team at Ohio Authority! While the magazine does chat about food, wine, beer and the like – it also serves as a resource for finding out about various products, businesses, events and destination happenings across the state. Their goal is to be the EXPERT within the category of which they are speaking…that said, I am happy to tell you that OA has asked me to be their wine educator/expert and I could not be happier to do so. Click on the link above and check it out…our first of many videos focuses on wines from Spain. Cheers.