WSET Blog Post #3 – Parlez-vous Français?

This week, we started our very first deep dive into a wine region - FRANCE! I consider France is the O.G. in this wine game - for it is home to many beloved grape varietals that have found their way around the world. Months before shelter in place was a part of our common life, I had the opportunity to visit Bordeaux for the first time on a press trip and explore both wines of the Left and Right [...]

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Wine Chemistry 101

Ever wondered where wine gets its aromas? While the science of wine is complicated, here's a snap shot answer: The grape: Each grape has a unique flavor profile or set of characteristics. Much like apples, no two varieties taste exactly the same. Think Granny Smith vs Honey Crip vs Red Delicious and you will get the picture. Fermentation: All wine grapes under go full or partial fermentation, which is the process of allowing yeast to convert the grape sugar into alcohol. Sometimes [...]

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