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A Brutish Winter makes for a Bubbly Spring

One can only hope that the brut winter weather of 2014 is finally over, but dare we utter the word “spring?” Most of us have a fear of jinxing the mild weather when it arrives by declaring spring has sprung – especially if you live anywhere in the north to central eastern part of the country.  Crazy weather patterns and polar vortex influences have wreaked havoc on our faith in predicting the forecast. That said, given the choice of glass half full or empty – I am opting for full. Better yet. I am filling it with bubbles!

Brut level sparkling wines offer a festive way to celebrate the flavors of spring. From strawberry & asparagus filled salads to citrus glazed lamp chops, the crisp acidity and lemony flavors of brut bubbles will make you palate zing. Those with a hint of sweetness make perfect aperitif wines when paired up with salty appetizers or spicy deviled eggs.

While we all know that Champagne is the king of bubbles, knowing what to look for on the label will help you make the correct bubble selection for your palate and menu. Here’s a few pointers:



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About Marianne Frantz

A Certified Wine Educator, Marianne holds a Diploma in Wine & Spirits from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) of London, and has also earned the Advanced Sommelier qualification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. After successfully participating in an educational competition sponsored by the Wines of Australia in the spring of 2008, Marianne became an educational Ambassador for Wine Australia USA. She is also a Certified Spanish Wine Educator.