The American Wine School offers both Virtual and Online Classrooms. What is the biggest difference between the two classrooms?

Virtual Classes are taught by American Wine School educators in real-time during scheduled classes, the WSET Online classes are more flexible and do not have set lectures associated with them. Read on for more information about the two classrooms:

1. WSET Global Classroom is an online, tutor-guided course with weekly activities you complete at your leisure during the week. An online tutor guides the WSET online classroom. Weekly topics can be viewed by logging into the online classroom anytime during the week. There are set start and finish dates for each week, but no set class times. More on Global Online Classes

2. American Wine School Virtual Classroom meets online weekly at specific dates and times just like an in-person classroom. These classroom lectures are led by a live instructor and are identical to our face-to-face instruction with one exception; Students are responsible for purchasing the wines for the course. During the course, students are able to ask questions, chat with other candidates, and submit tasting notes for one-on-one feedback. Virtual sessions are recorded for candidates who might miss a class or want to listen to a lecture again.

Once the course is over, both Online and Virtual students sit the exam in person at an American Wine School location or online from the comfort of your own home.

While there is no blind tasting on the exam, sampling wines is a fun part of the learning experience. Students should taste a range of wines during their studies. A list of suggested wines will be sent to candidates prior to the first class. If you would like to have class wines delivered to your door, please consider purchasing the AWS pre-selected wines from our online partner WineJug link found on the class pages.

Virtual Classes include:

  • Instructor-led lectures online via Zoom
  • Course Materials
  • Recorded lectures and videos
  • Exam Fees

If you have any questions about our Virtual Classroom, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


Marianne Frantz

President & Founder, American Wine School

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