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ZING! The Science of Food & Wine Pairing

American Wine School Tasting Workshop with Trish Rogers & Master Sommelier Larry O’Brien

wine-101-calloutDate : March 11th, 2017

Location: The Westin Downtown Cleveland

11am Session: How to Taste Like A Pro

3pm Session: ZING! Food & Wine Workshop

The American Wine School, is pleased to host this one-of-a-kind workshop day at The Westin in Cleveland, Ohio to include How to Taste Like A Pro (11:00am), and ZING!, the science behind food and wine pairing (3:00pm). Each course may be purchased separately or together as a one day package. Seats are limited. Sign up today.

The American Wine School workshop day will begin with a tutored wine tasting by Master Sommelier Larry O’Brien at larry-o11am. This tasting will give novice tasters the skills they need to get the most out of ZING! – which will be presented after lunch.


Created and presented by Trish Rogers, of R. Stuart Winery in Oregon. ZiNG! is based on irrefutable, unbiased, chemistry. According to Trish, “ZiNG! is togetherness –  the food and wine kind of togetherness that uses a method to get that taste sensation we call ZiNG! The name refers to that spark, that pizzazz that happens when two things unite and are just way better together than alone.” If you would like to attend the ZING! Science of Food & Wine pairing workshop that begins at 3pm. Please register here.

More on Trish:

Having worked in the restaurant and wine sales business for years, Trish decided to combine her chemistry background (University College Dublin, U of I, DKIT),  with her current love of food & wine. The result is ZING! Currently, Trish splits her time between the winery in Oregon and her home in Ireland. She has presented ZING! at several food and wine festival and schools including Savannah Food & Wine Festival, Oregon Pinot Camp, and The Culinary Institute of America.





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