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WSET Level 2 Wine & Spirit Online Courses

The Level 2 online course is a 5-week program. An online tutor guides the WSET online classroom. Weekly topic can be viewed by logging into the online classroom anytime during the week (there are set start and finish dates for each week, but no set class time). At home, tasting activities are also provided to familiarize students with a systemic approach to tasting at an intermediate level.  When the course is over, students arrange with American Wine School to take the exam in person at an American Wine School location.

The Level 2 Online Learning course fee includes study kit and exam fee. The total cost is $495 per person. All exams take place in Chicago, IL.

WSET Level 2 Online Distance Learning Course Dates:

Course Code                 Registration Deadline                    Class Dates                       Exam Date

02W1907                               Dec 21st, 2018               Jan 5th – Feb 8th, 2019                  Feb 9th at 5pm


02W1908                             Jan 11th, 2019               Jan 26th – March 1st, 2019       March 2nd at 11am        


o2W1909                              Feb 1, 2019                  Feb 16th – March 22nd, 2019           March 23rd at 5pm


02W1910                             Feb 15th, 2019               March 2nd – April 5th, 2019          April 16th at 11am